16 de junio de 2021

Using IFS to Heal Parts who Focus on Food and the Body

Using IFS to Heal Parts who Focus on Food and the Body

October 29th and 30th, 2021


We are a culture preoccupied with dieting, wellness and devoted to maintaining unrealistic ideals of how we should look and function. Confusion and shame about our weight, size, and health are rooted in cultural burdens that can make us lose touch with our innate wisdom about what our bodies need. This has been particularly evident during the pandemic, where messages about food and bodies have often been extreme or conflicting.

The Internal Family Systems model offers an alternative to the endless quest for the “right” diet and exercise plan. The model offers a way to help clients reconnect with their core wisdom, the Self, so we can help them heal the many legacy burdens, cultural and historical inheritances, that shape their relationships with food and their bodies and contribute to systemic bias.

Teaching methodology includes: didactic learning, a demonstration, experiential exercises, meditations, small group work.


In this training we will address:

  • How the impact of cultural and family legacy burdens as well as personal burdens contributes to disconnection from core wisdom.
  • How our own burdens regarding weight and body shape/size impact the way we assess and treat our clients.
  • The importance of healing personal burdens and taking Self-led action to heal the systemic biases related to weight, size, health, and ability.
  • How to use IFS to help clients shift from parts-driven to Self-led relationships with food and the body, healing parts of themselves that carry painful and extreme beliefs.
  • How clients can develop Self-led eating practices to incorporate into a more balanced and effective personal wellness plan.



Jeanne Catanzaro, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist with 25 years’ experience treating eating and trauma related issues. She has written articles about IFS and eating disorders and is dedicated to helping people develop Self-led relationships with food and their bodies. Jeanne is a Certified IFS Therapist in addition to being trained in Somatic Experiencing, all levels, as well as EMDR, level 1 & 2 training.