IFS Workshop, Trauma and Neurosciences.


Dr. Frank Anderson

June 8-10 2021

Schedule: from 2pm to 8pm Central European Time

Early bird untill May 7: 380 euros Code 001

From May 8 on: 440 euros

ONLINE june 8-10 2021

English/ Spanish





This three-day workshop is designed to help you master the skills needed to treat trauma and dissociation.

You’ll learn about:

  • Identifying and working with traumatized parts.
  • Working with clients with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and attachment traumas.
  • Working with extreme parts, including self-harming, suicidal, substance-abusing, dissociative and shame-based parts.
  • Unburdening exiles, updating the system and re-establishing trust in Self.
  • Integrating other therapies with IFS.

This workshop also allows you to explore the parts of yourself that are activated when you work with trauma—in the safe, nurturing environment of the course.

You’ll be helped to:

  • Understand the particular components of the IFS model that are relevant to the treatment of trauma.
  • Apply IFS techniques when working with dissociative clients/ dissociative parts.
  • Take advantage of experiential learning to foster your own personal growth and development.
  • Deepen your therapeutic use of Self to engage clients with traumatised parts safely.


IFS Level 1 completion is a requisite for this workshop, recomended ongoing supervision and IFS practice and/or particular interest in trauma for your client cohort.


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