IFS for Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy. Online


Robert Falconer

May 15th and 16th. 2021

Schedule: from 4pm to 8pm. Central European Time

Early bird discount: 160 € until April. Código 004

16th Regular fee: 180 € from April, 16th one abril 2021.


English/ Spanish





You will learn:

  • How IFS works with psychedelic medicine. 
  • Why IFS is a perfect fit for this work, both for the client and for the person who is sitting with them.
  • Use of more structuredprotocols vs introducing psychedelic sessions in a more flexible and exploratory way.
  • Specific effects of each substance in relation to aspects of the IFS model.
  • Preparatory sessions and Post session integration.
  • Proportion of sessions with psychedelics vs normal sessions.
  • Spiritual aspects.
  • Contraindications


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