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Thursday October 7th 2021
Thursday November 4th 2021
Thursday December 2nd 2021
Thursday January 20th 2022

The intention for this workshop would be to explore sexuality and how it relates to power issues. We will be exploring issues around power, personal power and power in relationships. We will first spend time exploring how we are connected to our bodies and our relationship to pleasure and desire and how this relates to how we run energy in our bodies. We will then spend time looking at internal relationships, such as the yin and yang, and the masculine and feminine, and internalized power dynamics, and how then, they play out in our external relationships.Finally, we will discover how we project shadow parts onto our partners and how we can begin to explore the concept of the inner marriage.

Recommended reading: Eastern body, Western mindby Anodea Judith

There is not registration requirement.


Kay Gardner, LCPC

Kay Gardner has over 40 years of clinical experience and 30 years in private practice. She is a senior Lead Trainer for Internal Family Systems (IFS) and has been involved with IFS since 1991. Prior to her work with IFS, she was a therapist and a teacher of Hakomi Body Centered Psychotherapy. She has also been a student of yoga and meditation for over 40 years. She is a gifted and heartfelt presenter who brings a body centered and spiritual approach to her work. Kay is also a founder of The Women’s Circle, a women’s program in Chicago and has also led various successful workshops around the country for men and women including Persephone’s Journey; Men and Their Mothers; Women and Their Fathers; and Legacy Burdens. Her most recent work is Sacred Theatre for Couples. She has a passion for bringing a body centered theatre approach to couples and has found it remarkably beneficial to the couples she’s worked with – in groups or individually.