Integrating IFS into supervision and consultation. Barcelona


Trainer: LIZ MARTINS & guest presenter EMMA REDFERN

January 14 & 15, 2022
4:00 pm to 8:00pm CET (Central European Time)
Regular Registration: 200 € Early Bird before November, 29th: 180 €. coupon 020
English / with consecutive translation to Spanish


The popularity of IFS and the growing number of IFS trained practitioners and therapists creates a need for supervisors and consultants able to support and guide their practice. So far there has been relatively little available, either published or in the form of training, to support the supervisors.

How can we supervise or offer consultation in a way that is fully congruent with the IFS model? What does supervision from an IFS perspective look like? Is it different to what we might have been doing? Are the conversations different? And what if our supervisee has not trained in IFS themselves?

This workshop will focus on developing understanding and skills in clinical supervision / consultation by exploring how we can integrate IFS into our work. We will consider how IFS can guide us in the focus, process and content of different aspects of supervision and consultation practice. In turn, this will help our supervisees in their healing work with their clients.

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