9 de abril de 2021

COMPASSION FOR ADDICTIVE PROCESS. An IFS Lens on Treating Compulsive Behaviors

COMPASSION FOR ADDICTIVE PROCESS. An IFS Lens on Treating Compulsive Behaviors. Online

September Thursday 23th and Friday 24th 2021

Some addictive behavior is very high-risk and is organizing the client’s life. For other clients their firefighters and soothers are less risky, but the client is still not able to feel in control.In this informative and experiential workshop we will explore how to use the IFS model to help identify addictive process and create clear, compassionate and effective interventions with a wide range of behaviors, including substance abuse, disordered eating, and other self-harming compulsions. We will also focus on the core polarities impacting the clinical process, including how perfectionism, over-responsibility and rescuing impact the healing and recovery process. The potential impact of the therapist’s personal narrative on the clinical relationship will also be explored.

Registration requirement: Have completed a Level 1 or introductory workshop at IFS.

The workshop focus:

  • Identifying the addictive process cycle
  • Safe and compassionate interventions with destructive parts
  • Trauma history and compulsive protectors
  • Exploring the impact of family legacy and the therapist’s story
  • Shifting from codependent reactivity to effective compassion


Cece Sykes

Cece Sykes, LCSW is an IFS Senior Trainer and consultant with over thirty-five years of clinical experience with individuals, couples and families. She specializes in recovery from trauma and addiction and her chapter on treating addictive process appears in IFS Innovations & Elaborations (Routledge, 2016).Cece lectures internationally on these and other related subjects. She lives and works in the city of Chicago